This is a personal project in which I decided to create a more efficient way for Pollo Tipico, a Latin American restaurant located in Lawrence, MA, to make deliveries. After some careful observation, I noticed that customers were waiting a considerable amount of time (usually 30+ minutes) ordering and paying for food. What I also found is that there seem to be other factors affecting the in-restaurant experience, such as not properly advertising the delivery option, which I suspect is directly tied to the bottleneck problem that currently exists.

The following examples appear to confirm my assumptions:


The NY Post reported that market leaders such as GrubHub and Seamless charge between 12 and 24 percent for local restaurants to be hosted on their platforms, while DoorDash and Postmates have a take rate in the range of 15 to 23 percent.

McKinsey & Company also reported an expected trend of food-delivery shifting from offline to online, which means that restaurants like Pollo Tipico will have to eventually convert their offline delivery model to an online model.


  1. Delivery system is outdated (no answer during peak hours)
  2. Website does not properly advertise delivery as an option
  3. Pollo Tipico does not need platforms such as Seamless and GrubHub to acquire and keep customers, but do they need a better way to manage their current delivery process, so as to create a hassle-free customer experience
  4. Most customers drive to the location for pick up instead of ordering by phone
  5. There are usually long lines of customers waiting for orders to be processed (negative customer experience can lead to customers looking for quicker service elsewhere)
  6. Based on complaints, language barriers prevent non-Spanish speakers from ordering food - feeling left out